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Overview Of W88

W88 is one of the most prestigious dealers in Asia, which is stretching towards the European gambling ground. We possess brand ambassador contracts of enormous value with the top football teams in the Premier League. Not only that, W88.com is a legal betting site with operating licenses from the Philippines – Asia’s leading gambling capital. Operated by one of the world’s best sports betting enterprises, W88 Australia is a gambling site with countless interesting facts that every avid gambler may want to discover, all of which will be revealed by W88dtc.com now:

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List of attractive games at W88

  • W88 Australia was established in 2007.
  • The Head office is located in Makati – Philippines.
  • This gambling site is being operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD corporation.
  • The operating license of W88 is given by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (World’s Casino Organization).
  • It was ranked by Gaming Associates (World gambling ranking organization) as one of the top leading prestigious bookies, which have the most registering members up to now.
  • W88 was ranked as the number one dealer in Asia (in 2016, 2017); currently, it is always on the list of the top 3 most prestigious dealers.
  • The W88 platform applies to the latest technology advancements. This gambling site is also in partnership with the best gaming companies in the world to continually release unique products and services that appeal to millions of players.
  • W88 features today’s most optimal security system, which highly protects customers’ interests as well as personal information.

Reasons To Pick W88 Dealer

There are certain upsides that make the W88 affiliate a king of online betting sites. For such reasons, we always remain in the top position in the Asian sports betting ground, and the site is still on the way to growing.  It is reported that there are over 200 million 24/7 active players on W88, which proves the popularity of this platform. There are countless reasons to register and become an avid member at W88 – today’s hottest betting site:

A Variety Of Sports Betting

Over 300 sports tournaments with more than 4000 matches which are being held every day in every corner of the world are all available at our gambling odds. You can freely bet on your favorite type of sport from football, basketball, tennis, badminton, horse racing, dog racing to cricket, American football (rugby), hockey, electronic sports, etc. The handicaps are always available for you to place bets on!

From international professional leagues to local tournaments and leagues in small countries, as long as you spend enough time and patience, you can have the chance to gain back a decent win for each of your sports picks.

Furthermore, we can assure you that online football gambling alone would make you satisfied due to its various spreads from Asia, Europe to over/ under, accumulator, full-time handicap, and many other sorts of spreads. Not only that, but gamblers can also enjoy thrilling football matches live on W88 from Premier League, La Liga, and World Cup to other small leagues.

Super Interactive Online Casino Games:

Wagers who refer to being in a luxurious live casino will be surprised when they come to the W88 bookie. The interface of the W88 bookie resembles magnificent real-life casino games with hot female dealers. A typical online casino room is designed to look as splendid as those in Las Vegas, Macau, or Thomo – a gambling paradise in Cambodia.

Our online casino has won many bettors’ hearts with a wide selection of card slot games, which are so thrilling and exciting that players will have the feeling as if they are playing them offline:

  • Poker: An intense mind-fighting card game for gambling experts from all over the world. This super mind gamble not only welcomes players with experience but also allows an unlimited amount of stake. The most thrilling and exciting things come from the smallest and insignificant changes in each player’s mind.
  • Blackjack: After intense rounds of Poker, Blackjack seems like a stress-free card game for players to leisurely seek a bit of luck. The game compares the points of 3 cards between players and the dealers. It is always fun to decide whether you should draw the third card or not, not to mention that great odds will allow players to gain and increase profits.
  • Baccarat: A fair and tempting card game to avid card players. Baccarat is a fighting card game between players with a complicated rule system. This is why most players in Baccarat rooms are professional, giving Baccarat lovers an unspeakable excitement.

Easy Access To W88 Without Being Blocked

When gambling on the website W88.com, bettors can explore the most enticing gambling world of the continent via their mobile devices. With a quick few steps of downloading and installing the W88 Mobile app, players can then start wagering once they finish signing up.

This mobile app also features 100% syncing services – complete any money transactions or money withdrawal. Not only that, the platform allows users to freely experience all games available on the PC version, which is why most gambling lovers are now downloading and registering W88!

Flexible Payment & Refund Methods

The reputation of W88 is also built up from its flexible payment methods. Not only does it partners with most banks in Australia, but this number one gambling platform in Asia also supports various payment methods, including:

  • Money transfer (money transfer at banks, ATMs, or via internet banking).
  • Phone recharge cards
  • Game cards released by W88 with various values from 1 Aud to 5000 Aud.
  • E-wallets
  • Quick Pay

We are sure that the speed of money transactions in W88 will surprise you. When you transfer the money to an account from the same bank, the money will be transferred within 2 minutes. If you choose anonymous ways of payment such as phone cards or game cards, you can get the money to play betting almost immediately.

Withdrawing money is easier after users provide their personal information in first-time withdrawal. After just 30 minutes, the money will be added to your bank account. Similarly to transferring money, users can opt for any suitable choice to draw the money from various withdrawing methods: bank transactions, game cards, phone cards or electronic wallets, etc.

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W88 bookie guarantees to refund 100% of the money to users if any unjustified problem occurs during the transaction.

Monthly Discounts

Every month, every year, every special occasion in a year, or any sports event, we always provide HOT and special promotions for players. In such events, new customers will be added an extra 20% or 100% welcome bonus to their account depending on the program.

Even old members are surprised with promotions with big refunds of up to 10%. Not to mention that members in VIP CLUB are offered more special discounts and many promotions which are not for regular members.

Well-designed Interface:

Most players are strongly impressed the first time they enter the well-designed interface and appealing color tones home page. Moreover, each section on the platform is logically arranged so that users can browse with ease. If you are familiar with online card playing, you can find what you need immediately on the main web page W88.com for the first time.

24/7  Customer Service:

A big plus that improves the professional image for W88 is our customer service. We surpass other gambling bookies with this great assistance. One special point about our customer service is the instant reply – whenever you have any question for us, put it on the online chatbox, and you will receive the answer in an instant.  No matter what time, day or night, if you have any questions – contact them, and you will be answered right away.

A Few Downsides Of W88

Although W88 is an awesome wagering site, it does have a few downsides which could be inconvenient for players. We believe once these bad points are solved, W88 will become the best prestigious website for any online bettor:

  • The platform’s interface is not bright enough.
  • Every player can only create only one affiliate ID.
  • The registration information needs to be 100% correct.

To Wrap Things Up:

W88 Australia is the best casino and gaming bookie ever in Asia, with over 200 million active members and 10.000 new members signing up every day. This is an entertainment and business platform for bettors, in which they can bet and gain back huge profits as well as thousands of awards.

Feel free to register at W88 Australia to receive the most valuable welcome offers for new members (our special promotion is waiting for you) today! Start making money online today!