W88dtc.com Privacy Policy

Security is something any online punter is also concerned about. When you come to W88dtc.com, how will your web surfing information be handled? What will we do with the database about you? Let’s find out the W88dtc.com privacy policy through the article below!

W88dtc.com Privacy Policy – Data Collection

As soon as you access the https://w88dtc.com/ website, all data about you will be saved, similar to how you surf the web using Opera, CrytoTab, KASM Workspaces, etc.

Thanks to the stored data, we can recognize some of yours if you leave comments, personal information; or accept cookies that we provide.

Data Collection From Comments And Contact Information

At W88dtc, we aim at users’ IP addresses only to prevent spam comments, making the website clearer. Your contact information will simultaneously help us identify customer behavior, which is good for the website’s developmental process.


You will find a line displaying cookies at the end of the page when you access our website. You have the right to accept or not.

If you agree to use the cookie, it doesn’t relate to your personal information’s security since a cookie is just a small text file that helps us recognize the username from your computer. It means to save your access history, including your Computer IP address and operating time, on w88dtc.com.

Later, whenever you visit our website, you will have a better service while surfing the web because the system recognizes you as a familiar user.

W88dtc.com Security Policy – Data Processing

If you want to comment on W88dtc.com, you must fill in the following information: Full name, Email, Website (if any), which will be saved by cookie.

We will control your comments to filter spam ones. In addition, W88dtc will permanently store real comments on the memory system.

How will your data be handled? As you know, the W88 dealer always focuses on customer information security policy, so we do not allow any agency or satellite website to do the opposite.

Therefore, you can be confident that your information will not be disclosed to 3rd parties from our website. You also have the right to delete and correct your data by contacting us.

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Hopefully, some above sharing about the privacy policy of the W88dtc.com dealer will help you feel more trusted in visiting our website.