How To Withdraw W88 Money – A Detailed Instruction

You can withdraw money when you have won a certain amount, which is true to the minimum limit. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the first spoils with the extremely simple W88 withdrawal steps below.

Like W88 top-up, money withdrawal will be extremely easy and fast the next time, but the first time is quite complicated. Don’t worry, because W88 Australia always tries its best to support players, and don’t forget to read the withdrawal instructions below.

Which Is The Best W88 Withdrawal Method Should You Choose?

Similar to W88 Deposit, the W88 dealer supports players to withdraw money in many methods., including:

– Draw back cash to local banks (Commonwealth, ANZ, NAB, Westpac, etc.).

– Draw back cash via phone top-up card or gaming card.

– Draw back cash to an e-wallet.

Among these methods, withdrawing W88 money from local banks is the most secure way you should choose. Despite the complicated implementation and the slower waiting time than the others, this method is highly appreciated for the following reasons:

  • First: Withdraw money straight to your bank without the need to go to an exchange agent (such as phone cards or gaming cards).
  • Second: Suitable for withdrawing a greater amount than 30 AUD.
  • Third: Save paying exchange fees between e-wallets – banks, gaming cards/phone cards – cash.

2 Simple Steps To Withdraw W88 Money, Anyone Can Do It!

Now, please observe how to draw back money from W88 by bank transfer. It cannot be very clear while reading, but it takes 2 to 3 minutes to accomplish. Be patient!

First, withdrawing cash by bank transfer has only two main contents, including:

  • Collect money in small funds (e.g., casino fund, sports fund) to the main fund in your W88 account.
  • Place an order to draw back cash from W88 to the bank.

Let’s get started!

How To Transfer Funds From The Sub-fund To The Main Fund

– Step 1: You need to log in to your W88 account.

– Step 2: Go to the WITHDRAWAL section >>> FUND TRANSFER.

– Step 3: Check all the information whether it is ok. If it’s alright, click CONFIRM.

Now, you need to fill in the three required sections, including:

  • Transfer money to the fund: Click to select the sub-fund you want to transfer cash to.
  • Transfer money from the fund: Click on the main fund.
  • Transfer amount: Enter the amount you want to transfer (you should only transfer 2/3 of the bonus from the sub-fund to the main fund. Later, you won’t have to transfer money back from the main fund to the sub-fund if you want to continue betting).

How To Make A Withdrawal Order To The Bank

If this is the first time you’ve withdrawn W88 cash, you will have to perform two more actions in this section:

  • First: Enter your bank account information (this step is no longer needed after the first withdrawal because the system has saved automatically).
  • Second: Make a withdrawal order.

Enter Bank Account Information

  • Go to My Account >> Info >> Bank details.
  • Fill in the complete and accurate bank information to which you want to draw back cash.
  • Click CONFIRM to complete the information update.

Players can delete bank account information or add account information (up to 5 official bank accounts).

Make A Withdrawal Order W88

  • Back to My Account >> Withdrawals
  • Select “Bank transfer” and fill in all information, including the withdrawal amount, name, branch, address, account name, and phone number.
  • Click WITHDRAW.

A Few Small Notes!

  • The bank account information must match the information you used to register your W88 account for verification purposes. If the information is not verified, then you can neither top-up nor withdraw W88.
  • You should draw back money from the associate bank with W88 to get the cash back quickly in 15 – 30 minutes (on the bank’s working day). With a bank that doesn’t associate with W88, you will have to wait for 1-3 days.
  • If there is confusion, or you cannot draw back the cash, please contact our customer service immediately for support after three days since you made the order.


Please calmly perform the above W88 withdrawal instructions, and you will be 100% successful.

Although the first implementation is complicated due to unfamiliarity, you will find it easier later.

Affirmatively, drawing back money at W88 Australia is simple – fast – verified – ABSOLUTELY NO FRAUD. Good luck with your withdrawal