How To Register for W88 – Detailed Instruction

If you love placing bets on anything from races to sports, not having an account with W88 Australia is such a big waste. This bookmarker is known for its trustworthiness, development history, and the big scale of its wagering system. Like other platforms, you will need to sign up for an account to be able to play betting with W88, which is just as easy as building up a Facebook profile.

Still, there are quite a lot of things you must keep in mind if this is your first time. In this blog, we will lead you through the W88 registration process. Let’s get into it!

How To Register For A W88 Account On Mobile And PC

To ensure the best user experience, the betting system of the W88 bookie is available on both mobile versions and PC web versions. Either of these devices will take you through the same three steps. Here’s how you go about getting an account for yourself:

Method 1: Create a new account on W88 via PC

Method 2: Create a new account on W88 via smartphone (Both Android and Ios devices).

The process is the same with both methods – there are only 3 basic steps:

Step 1: Log onto the W88 Gambling Home page

To create a W88 account, head to the main website

W88 – Link 1  W88 – Link 2 W88 – Link 3

Step 2: Fill out the user personal information form for the W88 Slot Games Platform account

When you’ve arrived at the W88 landing page, you can start making an account with the steps below:

Click on the REGISTRATION button on the top right corner of the interface, which will prompt out a registration form. You will need to punch in any registration information that the fields require.

The inputs consist of personal information: Username, Password, Currency (choose AUD), Full Name (per your National ID), Email, Mobile Phones Number, Date of Birth (per your National ID), Agency ID (optional), Captcha (as the image displays).

Once you’re done, look over the fields one more time to make sure you have put all the accurate information in. When that step is over, click on the CONFIRM button at the bottom of the form.

Step 3: Finish your application with W88

You are completely done with the process when your screen has a pop-up message that says, “You’ve successfully registered in. Thank you for creating an account with us!”

Congratulations on being a part of the W88 bookie!

Instructions: deposit W88 to play big.

What To Do When You Can’t Create An Account With W88?

Those who are registered for the first time are possibly confused when facing a few problems; one of the most common causes for unsuccessful registration is the link to W88 has been blocked.

As of right now, any online betting platform is banned in some countries such as Vietnam, as the country’s laws have not permitted live casino business practices within the borders. There are still ways to bypass the law. Try one of these methods if you can not access to W88 sportsbook webpage:

Method 1: Log in with a backup link

W88 always prepares a backup link for you to access without being detected in countries with restrictions. All you have to do is find reliable W88 links to access our website!

Method 2: Use a VPN service/app to switch up your PC’s IP

This is a step you should do even if W88 is not blocked since it gives you a sense of privacy and security while participating in online betting activities.

Method 3: Change your computer’s DNS.

Otherwise, you can freely contact our customer support team for assistance services on online registration via mail or call us via our contact number.

Cautions On W88 Registration

It’s exceptionally easy to apply with the three quick steps we mentioned above. However, there are still things you need to make notes of to get rid of getting banned from the site or having your accounts locked.

  1. Any information you put in the form in Step 2 has to be sufficient and accurate. In terms of safety, you can rest assured that we are one of the top online wager platforms that have the greatest firewall ever.

Accuracy here means that:

    • All your provided information must match with your bank account information (the card that you use to make transactions with W88 Australia).
    • If you intentionally provide false or unmatched information, you will surely be unable to sign up for an account.
    • Next, any transaction will be interrupted in the case of inaccurate information.
  1. You will have to be above 18 to create an account (regarding the provided DOB in step 2).
  2. Make sure that you read through all the Terms & Conditions of the W88 bookmarker on the registration form.
  3. The application process is completely free, so if any sites require you to pay a fee or deposit money, it’s a scammed website.
  4. Each individual can only create ONE ACCOUNT. If you violate this rule, all of your accounts will be deactivated permanently without prior notice.


Overall, you can successfully register W88 after following three simple steps. The next step is to put in some money to start betting, which we will instruct you on how to do in the next article. Stay tuned.