W88 Deposit – How To Top Up W88 – A Detailed Instructions

After completing the W88 registration, you will begin to top up W88 (W88 Deposit) to start the first bet. W88 topping up will be easier the second time, but the first time is quite complicated.

Particularly,  if you are still quite unfamiliar with online betting games, please read this article carefully to make a 100% successful W88 top-up from the first time!

W88 Deposit – Main Forms

The W88 dealer allows players to deposit money into the account in many different ways. The typical ways are:

  • Bank Transfer: Transfer money from your bank account to the bank account W88 provided. This method is the simplest way to deposit money into W88 with the lowest cost and fast money updating speed.
  • QuickPay: Superfast top-up, as long as you have a bank account registered for internet banking.
  • Game card or phone card: This is an extremely fast way to deposit W88, within seconds. Since it remains anonymous, it is very safe. However, the service fee is quite high. Furthermore, you probably don’t want to spend time scratching a bunch of cards, do you?
  • E-wallet: W88 supports top-up from e-wallets.

If you want to deposit money into W88 accounts, you should prioritize the Bank Transfer method. Registering for the internet banking service is the most convenient way to implement W88 top-up and withdrawal.

Major banks in Australia: Nation Bank of Australia – NAB; Commonwealth Bank Australia – CBA; Westpac Banking Corporation; Australia and New Zealand Banking Group – ANZ.

Topping Up W88 By Three Easy Steps

Professional punters often top up W88 by Bank Transfer. If you want to top up W88 in this way, follow the three steps below:

Step 1: Get a bank account number from the W88 dealer.

To top up, you obviously must know the bank account number you need to transfer to. There are two ways to get this information from W88.

– Method 1: Click on FUND >> FUND TRANSFER. In this section, click on the bank you want to top up, and you will get the account information.

– Method 2: Contact the customer service staff in the ONLINE CHAT section, then ask for the bank account number of W88.

Step 2: Make a transfer to the W88 bank.

You should use the internet banking service to easily carry on W88 top-up transactions and save time going to the ATM or the bank. Let’s  do the following actions:

  • Select SEND MONEY (remember to log in to W88 first!).
  • Choose “Bank Transfer”.
  • Select the same bank as your bank. At that time, all the information about the bank to which you need to transfer money will be displayed.
  • Proceed to transfer money to this account number by using your banking app.

Step 3: Confirm the money transfer information

If you transferred money to the W88 dealer’s bank account number, re-login your W88 account to confirm the transaction now.

  • Login >> Deposit,
  • Fill in all required information in the W88 top-up form,
  • Click CONFIRM.

Wait for about 2-3 minutes, and the money will be updated to your W88 account. If your W88 account has not received the money after more than 15 minutes (with the same bank transfer),  contact 24/7 support immediately for instructions.

For more reference: steps to withdraw w88 fast.

Topping Up Into Your W88 Account – Some Important Notes

To ensure that the W88 Deposit goes smoothly and the money will be deposit into the betting account within 1 second, please pay special attention to:

  1. The bank account information must match with W88 account registration information. In the W88 registration guide, we have mentioned this problem.
  2. You need to transfer money within the same bank for the money to be updated quickly, only for 1 – 15 minutes. If you transfer to a non-same bank, the waiting time can be up to 24h, and you may have missed many lucrative opportunities in betting.
  3. You can use many different bank accounts to deposit W88 Australia. However, all accounts must be in your name.
  4. In addition, each form of W88 top-up has its regulations on the number of times to deposit in a day, the minimum/maximum amount – to deposit in one time. Please read the rules carefully before depositing money!


So, you have W88 Deposit successfully. Now you can enjoy betting at the W88 dealer! Good luck, guys